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Festive Tortilla Pizza

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Takes A Bite Out Of Tortilla Pizza

Watch Mary Jane make Tortilla Pizza with the help of her Mexican Light bulb friend.  Also featuring from Jenneral Assembly: The Confrontation andThe Vocal Stylings of Terry and Deb, from Face Time With Sharon: A Commercial and Becoming My Mother , from Willustrations– Green Buds and Ham, as well as

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Jello Bouncing

Who doesn’t love Jello? Okay, maybe vegatarians and vegans, but let’s be honest, this video of Jello bouncing at 6400 Frames per second is pretty amazing…. all we need now is a great sound track or a ground breaking narration! Enjoy Stoners!

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From the artist/creative mind of the Timmy and Toehead series,  comes this amazing new blog Willustrations by Will Dodd! See a collection of wacky drawings and request a drawing yourself! This is the best solution while you are bored at work! Check it out! (Drawing to the left is “Gene Shalit in a

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