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Egg In A Basket

Egg In A Basket



  • Egg
  • Slice of Bread
  • Slice of Cheese preferably- American or Chedder
  • Slice of Ham or cooked bacon, or Tomato
  • Butter


  • Put a tablespoon of butter in pan- heat on low till butter melts
  • Cut round hole in center of bread slice
  • Place Holey Bread in heated buttered pan
  • Crack egg into the hole in the center of the bread slice
  • Cook till side is golden brown and flip
  • Cook till other side is golden brown and flip
  • Top with cheese slice and ham and flip
  • Cook till cheese is melted
  • Eat!


Takes A Bite Out Of Egg In A Basket!

Watch Mary Jane do her laundry and celebrate her Conception Day by Making Egg In A Basket! Also includes: Eunice’s Art Depot, Eat Fruits/Vegetable- Stay Regular Campaign, Ms.Molly and Ms.Polly’s Sing-A-Long Fun Time Music Half Hour, Kimmy and Kami- Prank Calls, Drunk Tags, Tina’s Toolbox- Toolbox Maintence, David Cope- Healing Harpist and much more!


Egg in a basket

Air Dates

March 8th, 2010 and March 22nd, 2010