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Mocha Puffs

Mocha Puffs = Cocoa Puffs + espresso

[The Wormhole Coffee in Chicago]

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Pot Luck: A Live Variety Show #6

On Saturday August 28th, 2010 at 9:30 pm at Ochi’s Lounge (Downstairs of Comix). The show featured a mixture of stand up, song, story telling and media. There was a drinking games and prizes for all. Special guests include: Kambri Crews, Jen Kwok,

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Secret Flavors at Jamba Juice

After a recent trip to Jamba Juice for a delicious smoothie, one of my fellow Munchers order something not on the menu- “White Gummy Bear”. Totally confused by their order, I quickly tasted the new smoothie. It was amazing. And believe or not, this is not the only Jamba Juice secret smoothie.

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I’ve Got Munchies at Hempfest in Seattle

Hempfest 2010 in Seattle, Washington on August 21st- Mary Jane visits Hempfest passing out I’ve Got Munchies Buttons and Pens- making friends and trading Munchies recipes. Special Rice Krispies Treats and brownies all around! Good Munchies times had by all on a beautiful sunny and 70s day!

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Pop-Tarts Store in NYC

“A Pop-Tart is a childhood memory in a rectangle”Pop-Tarts World, in Times Square. Among other things, they serve sushi Pop-Tarts: crumbled Pop-Tarts wrapped in a Fruit Roll-Up.

Find more about their food offerings here and here.

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