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Happy Halloween- Enjoy this Monster Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween! Enjoy this new video “Monster” featuring Manifest, Ian Fishman, Jenn Dodd, Sharon Jamilkowski, Marissa Parness and Annie Solstad.

Vote For it on Funny or Die!

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Interview from Yuletide Snapper with Jenn Dodd!

Here’s a great interview from¬†Yuletide Snapper¬†with our own Jenn Dodd about her awesome blog comedy, Jenneral Assembly, her thoughts on comedy and more! Watch it!

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The Return of the Mighty McRib

The infamous McRib is a McGenius Idea! And to the happy surprise of stoners everywhere, the McRib will be back permanently on November 2nd, 2010- So get your napkins ready!

McDonalds’ McRib was first released in 1981 and was taken off the permanent menu in 1985. Since then, the McRib Sandwich, has an on again off again relationship with being on the McDonalds menu, about as frequent as the Shamrock Shake.  This tasty sandwich only appears as a special promotion varying locations all across the USA. There is even a McRib Locatoronline for those who need to McFulfill their McRib craving. This will all end November 2nd, 2010, which is coincidently Midterm elections for the nation.

I can’t decide what is more alluring about the McRib- the sweet bbq sauce it’s drenched in or the pork patty in a rib like shape. Regardless, get your Tide Pen and Tums ready, because the McRib is back!

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3D Glasses that you can eat!

With the re-insurgence of 3D entertainment into society, I wondered what could be the next big thing in 3D? The answer is simple- EDIBLE 3D GLASSES! Yup, way not make technology both visually AND stomach pleasing? You can make these glasses at home with this recipe. The ingredients are pretty basic too- flour, butter, egg, sugar, brown sugar, vanilla extract, corn syrup, salt, baking powder, hard candies (like Jolly Ranchers or Lifesavers), food coloring and chocolate chips!

Not into 3D? Well, this recipe can be easily adapted into a zany- Lady GAGA type sunglasses too! Perfect stonerific fashion! So bake away!

Recipe found at Diamonds For Dessert!

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Midnight Munchies- $1 Slice Pizza in the Village

 For those in New York City, for either vacation or you live here, I recently found a delicious and cost friendly pizza joint on St.Marks Place (between 3rd and 2nd Ave). 2 Bros. Pizza is a delicious $1 a slice pizza. If you are pinching pennies, this slice is right up your alley. Do they deliver? Yes! Are they up super late? Yes! They even have deals like- 2 slices and a can of soda for $2.75. That’s just amazing since a one way subway ride is going up to $2.50 soon! They don’t accept credit cards, so get your quarters ready! For those you got the “Drunchies” this is a place you’ll enjoy with out blowing your budget.

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Midnight Munchies- Stay Puft Caffeinated Marshmallow


After a recent viewing of the much loved “Ghostbusters” movie, I decided to Google Stay Puft (that was the brand of the marshmallow man).  My Google search resulted in the discovery of Stay Puft Caffeinated Marshmallows! I’ve always had a crush on the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, as he was perfect in every way: sweet, big and super soft but this is another thing to make that Marshmallow Man oh so more desirable.

Not only are they caffeinated but they are gourmet and totally collectible for those Ghostbuster fans. The applications for these marshmallows are endless. Think about it: caffeinated Rice Krispies Treats, caffeinated Smores, Hot Chocolate with a rush of caffeinated marshmallows, or anything! My hope is they could make cereal marshmallows with caffeine! That would be the best wake-up ever!

You can find these dangerously delicious and caffinated marshmallows at ThinkGeek.

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Midnight Munchies- Cereal Milk at Milk Bar

As a stoner, you search for new delicious snacks to fill your Munchies craving. On a recent trip to Momofuku, I stopped by it’s adjoining Milk Bar. Everything on the Milk Bar Menu sung to me: Cookies, Pies, Cakes, truffles, Pork Buns and milk…. but not just any milk, Cereal Milk. It’s milk made with cereal essence tasting like the milk left over in your bowl after enjoying a sweetened corn cereal. It’s not overly sugary but subtle in the cereal flavoring which invokes an instant flashback to a childhood breakfast. The great part, you can get this cereal milk, as milk, soft serve or as a milkshake.  Simply Munchtastic. I thoroughly enjoyed my cereal milkshake and moved on to taste the amazing cookies that screamed to me.

There are 6 cookies- Compost Cookie (made with pretzels, potato chips, coffee, oats, butterscotch, and chocolate chip), Chocolate-Chocolate Cookie, Blueberry and Cream Cookie, Peanut Butter Cookie, Corn Cookie, and Cornflake- Marshmallow- Chocolate Chip Cookie. I tried them all and was disappointed by none. The Compost Cookie, subtly salty with tons of textures of both crunchy and chewy that dazzled in my mouth with a coffee/chocolate flavor lingering on my tongue. The interesting Chocolate-Chocolate cookie had chocolate crunchy crumbs hidden within the cookie giving it a new layer of taste. The Blueberry + Cream Cookie with dried blueberries and milk crumbs seemed like a chewy cookie version of a blueberry pancake (sans maple syrup). If you want something not so sugary, the Corn Cookie is both soft and smooth reminiscing of a delicious corn bread. The peanut butter cookie is a solid classic with a peanut brittle texture surprise. But my absolute favorite, the Cornflake-Marshmallow-Chocolate Chip Cookie; its soft in the middle and crunchy on the edges which brings the best of both worlds. All of these cookies could easily satisfy the any type of Munchies out there. 

Located in both the East Village and Mid town in NYC, Momofuku Milk Bar is open til Midnight for that late night snack before bed. I will definitely return, but next time will try the some slices of pie!

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All New Logo Gear- Shirts, Bags, Hats and More.

Always wanted a cool I’ve Got Munchies, with our new logo- a smoking apple? Well now it’s here at Cafepress, we now have T-shirts, hoodies, bags, duffles, water bottles, mugs, dog t-shirt, bowls and much much more! Check it out!

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Munchies Storage- Zombie Cookie Jar!

Gearing up for Halloween, I found this cookie jar that could appeal to both the Halloween-centric decorator or horror movie buff. Zombie cookie jar is ingenious- you grab a cookie for inside this zombies brains! Yum! Only at

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Mary-Kate and Ashley have the munchies

P-I-Z-Z-A, I want pizza!

[Lunchtime Quickie: Friday Is Pizza Day]