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Munchies Gift Guide

As a Munchateer, I love giving gifts of the edible variety. Everyone gets hungry, so why not give food? Here a few things for those who get the munchies too!

Chocolate Covered Bacon– a salty and sweet treat!

Bag of Cereal Marshmallows– like Lucky Charms Marshmallows

Hot Chocolate Sticks– swirl these belgian chocolate sticks into hot milk… Yum!

World’s Largest Gummy Worm– As seen previously on Munchies Blog

Doughnut To-Go– A carrying case for your doughnut!

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich Ottoman– For those who want to take munchies to the next level!

Perky Jerky– beef jerky with guarana to boost your energy level!

Good Luck Shopping!

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Clueless for Dinner

It’s 5 pm and have no clue what to make for dinner…. and you’re trying to pinch pennies because you’ve been eating to much take-out. A great website for the indecisive eater of dinner WHAT THE FUCK SHOULD I MAKE FOR DINNER. If you like what they choose- press on it for a link to a recipe and if you don’t like what they recommend? Well, they have option buttons. For instance:

Country Glazed Hams

-Option one- I don’t fucking like that

-Option two- I don’t eat fucking meat

Oh yeah, and this is an app for your phone, so if you’re at the grocery store and lost for dinner help, this is it! Enjoy!

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Marijuana Effects Unpredictable

Ever wonder why the effects of the wacky tabaccy are so unpredictable? I stumbled across a really awesome blog entry on Gizmodo and Wired about just the topic: Marijuana effects on the brain and body. Does all that THC cause the munchies or is it something else? All this and more from Jonah Lehrer from Wired here.

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Whipped Cream with a little something extra!

Whipped cream is a topping for the most delicious dishes in the world. Light and fluffy with such a subtle sweet taste, only one thing could top this topping- alcohol! Seriously folk, this whipped cream from Whipped Lightning is infused with a generous dose of the good stuff.

Go to Whipped Lightning for where to buy this delicious treat, recipes and more!

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Messy Eaters T-Shirt

Attention all messy eaters, I have found a shirt that will celebrate our disorderly eating habits. I have extremely horrible time trying to get food into my mouth and loathe the laundry process of ridding myself of the evidence left on my clothes. This shirt is the answer to messy eating habit prayers! Get this shirt at the THREADLESS designed by Graham Shepard and cost a minor $18. Love it, embrace it and definitely stain it!

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Bringing home the Bacon… Bacon Soda!

Two things I wouldn’t have put together are Bacon and Soda, although weirder has been delicious! Bacon soda was the creation of J&D Foods and Jones Soda (From Seattle).¬† This goes with the worlds of other bacon products- lip balm, mayo, popcorn and more! The following¬†video showcases the delicious taste test.

You can pick up a holiday pack filled with bacon fun at Jones Soda for $9.99!

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The Evolution of Nachos

What’s not to like about Nachos, except maybe the mess that goes with the cheesy and crunchy deliciousness of a snack. This could be improved in the next step of evolution for Nachos. That next step is the Spoonacho design by the snack smart Denis Bostandzic- kind of like a Tostitos Scoop, but better. Not easy to break and a precise edible spoon, makes these the perfect solution for Munchies Nacho time! Definitely Munchies Approved!

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Fancy Jello-shots gets you wasted!

Everyone loves doing Jello-Shots because not only are they delicious, they also make it easier to imbibe alcohol. But how do you include such shots into a decorative-theme party that maybe a little more fancy then the normal frat keg party… Easy, My Jello Americans!

At the blog, My Jello Americans, these witty ladies teach you a variety of ways to create new and flavorful jello shots. Super easy with great recipes. So mix up your next “get f-ed up” party with some little fancy Jello-Shots!

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Cheap Wedding Packages at McDonalds!

As a kid, I always enjoyed going to a birthday party at McDonalds! Who didn’t enjoy the happy meal with games, snacks and playground? Plus it was cost effective for parents.

Well, apparently in China you can now bring that wonderful party to your weddings, according to Gizmodo! Check out the article!

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World’s Largest Gummy Worm!

As we all enjoy our Halloween Candy (either our child’s stash or our own candy that we splurged on at Walmart), we always look for the unique candy. When claims of “Worlds Best” or “World’s Largest or Smallest” is taunted, my interest is instantly piqued. So, on a recent internet search, I was excited to find “The World’s Largest Gummy Worm”.

You can buy this delicious worm in a variety of flavors and colors at VAT 19 .  It’s ribbed and has a 5 inch girth, plus it’s made in the good ole- USA. This is a perfect gift for someone who just can’t have one gummy worm… now they can! 

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