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Cereal Remixed

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Takes A Bite Out Of Cereal Remixed

Cereal Remixed

¬†Watch Mary Jane search for her imaginarium (a gift her imaginary friend, Carrie Jane, gave her) and she discovers a monster in her closet. She makes Cereal Remixed for her and the closet monster. Also featuring: Monster Rap Video, Drunk Girls Reenact “Waterfalls”, Eunice’s Vino Brewery, Tina’s Toolbox “Toolbelts”, and ¬†Timmy & Toehead “New Toys” .

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Beer or Liquor?

The holiday season is here, along with a parade of various parties including one you may throw. The age old question that plagues drinkers especially during the holidays, beer or liquor? Well, for those who don’t have space for a shot glass and pint glasses, here is the perfection solution! It’s a glass that consolidates the pint and shot glass problem down. No excuse now for doing shots out of over-sized glasses, plus you’ll have more room for pesky wine glasses! So shots and beers for all this season’s cheer!

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