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Ghostbusters Cake!

Boy if you love when pop culture and food collide, I’ve got just the thing for you! As a product of the 1980s, this cake made me do a double take. Not only is a Ghostbuster diorama, but it’s edible… it’s a cake. This is possibly tied with Stay Puft Caffinated Marshmallows,

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Hangover Cures

Everyone has their secrets for fighting a hangover. Here is a compilation of my favorites!

Hair of the Dog that bit you– ie. drinking more to get right back to your drunken stouper (only a temporary solution).

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Adult Chocolate Milk

A friend of mine asked me if I’d ever heard of Adult Chocolate Milk… my response was a shocked “No!”. Always a fan of chocolate milk, this has the lure of alcohol inside a delicious glass of chocolate milk. At 40 proof,

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Baked Inside A Cake!

Ever have the curiousity to bake something inside a cupcake and see how it turns out? Well, recently on a Munchies binge, I came across the neat blog called Bake It In A Cake! The blogger, Megan Seling, started it all by baking Cadbury Eggs into a batch of cupcakes.

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