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Ghostbusters Cake!

Boy if you love when pop culture and food collide, I’ve got just the thing for you! As a product of the 1980s, this cake made me do a double take. Not only is a Ghostbuster diorama, but it’s edible… it’s a cake. This is possibly tied with Stay Puft Caffinated Marshmallows, as the best edible item with a Ghostbuster reference. And what’s cooler, is the electric streams glow in the dark…. lets hope they don’t cross! Ha!

Who made the cake? Charm City Cakes… also the place for Food Networks Ace Of Cakes.

If you have time, check out some of their other cakes… they make you hungry AND curious! Love it!

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Hangover Cures

Everyone has their secrets for fighting a hangover. Here is a compilation of my favorites!

Hair of the Dog that bit you– ie. drinking more to get right back to your drunken stouper (only a temporary solution).

Coffee– the idea is that coffee will kick start the metabolism needed to digest that alcohol.

Pain Killers– hard on your liver and a bad mix with alcohol

Water– I once had a friend who swore that chugging 4 glasses of water before bed worked…. tried it once, and ended up vomiting up 4 glasses of water. Water is definitely better when being drank through out the night of drinking, not just at the end.

Greasy Food– This is my choice of cures. I always go for pizza or bacon/egg/cheese sandwich. A Good breakfast always gets my body moving.

Pickled Herring– Hey Germans call this cure a must!

Green Tea– anti-oxidents from the Chinese!

Sour Pickle Juice– Polish people love this cure.

Pickled Plums– Japan likes this one.

Shower– Seriously, if you wash the booze smell radiating from your body, might just help that pain.

Rubbing Lemon In Your Armpits (before they start drinking)- Apparently lemons fight off dehydration. Not sure how that all works out though.

Pre-Drinking Pills– These claim that if you pop them before you drink, they do the work to prevent a hangover… found at your local deli or bodega.

Pot– Well, you know how we feel about that. Brings back your appetite and helps a headache, enough said.

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Adult Chocolate Milk

A friend of mine asked me if I’d ever heard of Adult Chocolate Milk… my response was a shocked “No!”. Always a fan of chocolate milk, this has the lure of alcohol inside a delicious glass of chocolate milk. At 40 proof, this chocolate milk means business. A childhood flashback with an adult spin… I’m in!

You can buy Adult Chocolate Milk here!

Check out their groove-tastic website!

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Baked Inside A Cake!

Ever have the curiousity to bake something inside a cupcake and see how it turns out? Well, recently on a Munchies binge, I came across the neat blog called Bake It In A Cake! The blogger, Megan Seling, started it all by baking Cadbury Eggs into a batch of cupcakes. From there it grew into fillings like baklava to Pop Tarts, and it doesn’t end there. Plus, there is a recipe for each creation if the idea tickles your fancy! Megan definitely gets the munchies seal of approval, for doing what we only wish we had time to do! Way to Munch!

Check out Megan’s creations at Bake It In A Cake !

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