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Ramen Noodles 30+ Ways

I’ve eaten my share of Ramen noodles in college. I probably have a few of these easy make meals in my cabinets now, but not sure when and how I’m going to enjoy these simple noodles. Recently, on a munchies binge, I was determined to find a use other than the one on the packaging for my Ramen Noodles. I came across this brilliant article that highlighted meals made with Ramen. Anything from soups, chowders and stews to tacos and shepards pie!

Check it out at Serious Eats to get a new take on your Ramen!

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Giant Kit Kat

Check out this amazingly munchies approved video!

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Tasty Dental Hygiene- Flavor Blasted Toothpaste

Mint flavored toothpaste has remained king of all toothpaste flavors. Are there other flavors besides mint and cinnamon? Yup, you bet your bottom dollar there are some flavors that will get your munchies mind curious. Recently, I came across bacon, pickle and cupcake toothpaste. If mint and cinnamon aren’t your favorite dental hygiene flavors, these alternatives might rock your mouth’sworld!

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Angry Birds Birthday Cake

Angry Birds game has swept the nation, so it’s not suprising that an Angry Birds Birthday Cake, that you can actually play was created. Check this amazing video out!

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Drunk Baby

Who doesn’t love a babies? Who doesn’t love drinking? Here are the two put together hilariously!

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