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Squirm and Germ in the House!

The hilariously funny Squirm and Germ are an Irish/German Boy and A Mennonite with a Love for Hip-Hop and Comedy. This dynamic duo have an incredible new album out September 6th, 2011 on iTunes and Amazon. Definitely check it out, you won’t bee sad you did.

Check them and love them here:

Squirm And Germ






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Ham and Pickle Roll Ups

Ham and Pickle Roll Ups



  • Sliced Deli Ham or Salami or desired deli meat
  • Cream Cheese scallion or original
  • Pickle Spear kosher dill


  • Stir cream cheese until creamy and spreadable
  • Pat dry ham
  • Spread cream cheese over one side of ham
  • Place pickle spear at edge of ham
  • Roll ham around pickle (cream cheese side toward pickle)
  • Cut into 1/2 inch chunks
  • Eat!


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Takes A Bite Out Of Ham and Pickle Roll Ups

Watch Mary Jane make Ham and Pickle Roll Ups! Also featuring: Tina’s Toolbox- Oven Maintenence,  Timmy and Toehead- The Bully, Firster Response Pregnancy Test, Anthony Weiner Writes A Letter To His Future Self, A Minute With Manheim- Puppies, and Carolyn Meeks Rant.

Air Dates: 9/5/2011 and 9/19/2011



  • “Off Broadway”
  • “Carousel”
  • “Satellite”
  • “Pac Man Theme”
  • “Cooking Theme Song” by Evan Cannon
  • “Cooking Opening Theme” by Jenn DoddSharon Jamilkowski 
  • “Timmy and Tohead Theme Song” by Sharon Jamilkowski and Jenn Dodd
  • “Toehead Background Music” by Jenn Dodd
  • “Toehead Transition” 
  • “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” by Simple Minds 
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In Search of the Perfect Pizza

If you’re willing to go beyond the easy snack and labor away at the microwave, frozen pizzas can make for some of the best munchies around.  Still, who hasn’t sat in the frozen food section for 30 minutes with a blank look on their face, perplexed by the seemingly endless amount of options?  This frozen pizza comparison tool from FindTheBest helps find the best frozen pizza around.  Next time you’re baffled by the infinite choices, play around with this tool that lets you search through over 450 pizzas by crust type, pizza style and more.  Personal recommendation?  Let’s just say that Palermo’s Grilled Chicken Caesar didn’t let me down.  But don’t take my word for it; go find what munchies best for you!

-Noah Greenberg

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Jenneral Assembly Presents: Identity Theft

If you missed the amazing new show “Identity Theft” from the brilliantly creative mind behind Jenneral Assembly, you should be really upset with yourself. On the 4th Thursday of every month,  Jenn Dodd creates a show filled with a diverse and hilarious group of people at Luca Lounge in NYC! The next show is August 25th at 7pm. Save the date!

Identity Theft at 7pm
Luca Lounge at  222 Ave. B


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