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Munchies Approved…. Pregnant in the Club video!

From the hilarious rap group Squirm and Germ comes this laugh out loud worthy video “Pregnant in the Club” featuring the talented Jen Kwok. If you look close enough, you will see some of our I’ve Got Munchies crew in the group shots getting our preggo on. Not only is this song catchy, but it’ll make you laugh for more! We put our seal of Munchies approval on this; Great job Squirm and Germ (also known as Tim Girrbach and Rodney Umble)!

We also love this short lil vid too!

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Takes A Bite Out Of Pop Tart Sandwiches

Watch Mary Jane buy a massive amount of Pop Tarts for Pop Tart Sandwiches, which she makes the sandwiches compete against each in Pop Tart Idol. Also featuring: The Joy of Painting- Music Edition,  Janice Peppermill on being single, Timmy and Toehead- Art Class, Squirm and Germ’s “We Doo Wop”, Ricky’s Top 5 Women He Wishes Were Real, Mariyln Snodgrass- Stylist for the Dead, and Papaya Brothers “BTA”

Air Dates: May 28th, 2012 and June 11th, 2012



  • “Greasy Wheel”
  • “Day Dreamer- the Sunday Morning Wake Up song” by After Son
  • “Bedazzeled Heart” by Sharon Jamilkowski
  • “We Doo Wop” by Squirm and Germ
  • “American Idol Theme”
  • “Jellyman Kelly” by James Taylor
  • “Toehead Theme” by  Sharon Jamilkowski
  • “Toehead Background” by  Jenn Dodd
  • “Cooking Theme Song” by Evan Cannon
  • “Cooking Opening Theme” by Jenn DoddSharon Jamilkowski 
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Pop Tart Sandwiches

Pop Tart Sandwiches



  • Pop Tarts your favorite flavor
  • Sandwich Fillers- Peanut Butter, Nutella, Fluff, Jam, Apple slices, berries


  • Heat 2 Pop Tarts in Toaster Oven or Toaster
  • Carefully remove toasted Pop Tarts from Toaster or Toaster Oven
  • Spread on un-iced side sandwich filler
  • Top with 2nd Pop Tart
  • Eat!



*Recommended Pop Tart Sandwiches*:
Strawberry Pop Tart with Peanut Butter
Cookies and Cream Pop Tart with Fluff
Brown Sugar Pop Tart with Apple Slices
Cherry Pop Tart with Nutella
Smores Pop Tart with Jam
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Check This Show Out- Buttski & Glasscock New Talent Blow Out!

This show is bound to be simply hilarious! A new show from the mind of Jenneral Assembly at the Peoples Improv Theater, this is one NOT to miss, filled with some of our favorite comedians (some you’ve seen on I’ve Got Munchies). 

Here’s the deets!

Who: Jenneral Assembly and her clan of oddball character comedians

Where: Downstairs The Peoples Improv Theater (The Pit) 123 East 24th St. NYC

When: May 25th, June 29th, and August 31st at 8pm (different line up every month)

Check out The PIT for more info!

Here’s a little taste of what’s to come… 

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Coming to stores near you in June…. (drum roll please)…. Girl Scout Cookie Candy Bars! Recently, I stumbled across a Facebook page for this new hot item Girl Scout Cookie Candy Bars. With three amazingly delicious favorite cookie flavors packed into a yummy candy bar, who won’t like this new combo? Seriously, we can’t wait! The flavors? Originally the Samoa/Carmel Delight cookie- Caramel & Coconut , Tagalongs/Peanut Butter Patties- Peanut Butter Cream, and Thin Mints all brought to you by Nestle and Girl Scouts. 

Munchies Approved! 

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Munchies Approved… Drunken Kickstarter Video

Know someone who has asked you for money/donations via the website Kickstarter? Our friends, Brendan Mcloughlin and Jenn Dodd, made this hilarious video about just that! Definitely Munchies and Drunkies Approved!

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