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Funny Not Slutty- Best on the Planet Award Nominations!

Our friends over at Funny Not Slutty are prepping for the BEST ON PLANET list with a nomination process that needs YOU! If you have a moment, head over to Funny Not Slutty and vote on your favs! I know we will be voting and pulling for our buddies: Jenn Dodd and Sharon Jamilkowski who contribute to the site. 

With that said, vote in the upcoming presidential election! Cheers! 

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Sketch Block Podcast Featuring I’ve Got Munchies Creator Sharon Jamilkowski

One of my favorite audio podcast about comedy- Sketch Block interviewed, Sharon Jamilkowski, our creator/renaissance woman for their latest episode. She talks about the evolution of the show and what she loves about comedy. Give it a listen for the inside scoop about I’ve Got Munchies and Hungry Productions LLC. 

Listen HERE!

Sketch Block is run by a fabulous and funny lady KL Thomas. The Sketch Block podcast interviews with:  sketch troupes, sketch writers, producers, comedic music acts, sketch writing teachers & much more. You can check out some of our I’ve Got Munchies friends like Jenn Dodd, Squirm & Germ, Firecracker Duo, Papaya BrothersBrendan Mcloughlin and Austin Rodrigues interviews also available. Also, Sketch Block‘s live show, once a month at Under St.Mark’s, is one of my favorite live comedy/variety shows in New York City, bringing out the brightest and funniest faces from across the USA. The show is every second Wednesday of the month with doors open at 9pm.  Check out for more info on the show.

Follow them on Twitter for updates and more info at

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Munchies Approved… The Getaway!

I don’t know what it is about those Papaya Brothers, but they got that funny in their bones. I always love a great video to lighten my mood and gear me up for the freakin’ weekend. Check out this Munchies Approved video! Hip hip huzzah!

Check out more Papaya Brother videos at

Also, follow these cats on Twitter at

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Artist on Drugs

Bryan Lewis Saunders self portrait on mushroomsWe enjoy ART here at I’ve Got Munchies. So when we discovered the artist Bryan Lewis Saunders and his drug induced art, we were intrigued.

His work of self-portraits are really captivating. Bryan Lewis Saunders has done a self portrait EVERY DAY of his life since 1995 and has produced a wide array of work with no two self portraits being the same. He has 6 different self portrait series including Anxiety, Love, Pain, Yellow Month, Drugs and Nature. The drug series is particularly fascinating. For each portrait he was on a drug (anything from pot to Xannex). It’s like seeing the world through those drugs via art. Definitely worth a looky!

The piece on the left is Bryan’s self portrait on mushrooms!

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Snack Picks for your tummy

As a person who has constant munchies cravings, I search for yummy EASY recipes all the time. I came across a super cute site called Snackpicks which highlights amazing and easy recipes for that snack attack. I tried a pumpkin dip recipe which was beyond yummy and made me wanting more!

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