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Vending Machines

When you’re on the run and get the munchies, there’s always the trusty vending machine to fall back on – day or night! LIFE has a sweet gallery of vending machines from over the years; including one for whisky?!

[LIFE via Gizmodo]

Mary-Kate and Ashley have the munchies

P-I-Z-Z-A, I want pizza!

[Lunchtime Quickie: Friday Is Pizza Day]


ampm: Dough Ray Moo

Essentially a double cheesburger in a sliced donut. This is an item on their “secret menu” (find out more on their Facebook page). I think the Glazed & Amazed sounds better: sausage, egg and cheese in a donut-bun.

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Mocha Puffs

Mocha Puffs = Cocoa Puffs + espresso

[The Wormhole Coffee in Chicago]

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Pop-Tarts Store in NYC

“A Pop-Tart is a childhood memory in a rectangle” Pop-Tarts World, in Times Square. Among other things, they serve sushi Pop-Tarts: crumbled Pop-Tarts wrapped in a Fruit Roll-Up.

Find more about their food offerings here and here.

[via Slog]

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