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Buttski & Glasscock’s New Talent Blow OUT September Show

Buttski-Glasscock-Jenn-Dodd-The-PIT-520Fall is almost here and what better reason to FALL over laughing at some weird alt character comedy!? You see what I did there? It was a play on words. Now that we’re all on the same page…

Each month the Buttski and Glasscock Talent Agency bring you the best of the worst in the most pure, yet eccentric, talent this small town has to offer. As only two career-savvy former show girls can, Buttski and Glasscock comb through Craigslist ad after Craigslist ad looking to breed new talent. And each month YOU will determine which act will get a one-year contract with the agency. For only $10! 

Buttski and Glasscock’s New Talent Blow Out is a character showcase and this month, the HILARIOUS Tim Girrbach & Angel Yau will be hosting while Jenn is in Texas rustling cattle or eating a steak or something. This month, Tim welcomes…

Keisha Zollar
Adam Hamway
Ali Levin
Kelly Fitzpatrick
Jamie Aderski
Andrew Chappelle
Sudi Green

Not to mention lights, muzak and witty banter from everyone’s favorite tech Chris O’Neil!

Holy cow! This will be one helluva show! TELL YOUR FRIENDS! The more the merrier!

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