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Takes a Bite out of Ranch Crackers

Watch Mary Jane look into new investments with the help of her Mexican Lightbulb and make RANCH CRACKERS.


MNN Air Dates: 12/4/2017 and 12/18/2017



  • “Holiday Road”
  • “Greasy Wheel”
  • “Cooking Music” by Evan Cannon
  • “I’ve Got Munchies” by Sharon Jamilkowski, and Jenn Dod
  • “Carousel”
  • “Reunion”
  • “Bad Hombre” by Bryan Hurt
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Takes a Bite out of Snickers Croissants

Watch Mary Jane get ready for a date with the help of her Mexican Lightbulb by making Snickers Snickers Croissants.


MNN Air Dates:  9/25/2017 and 10/9/2017  


  • Executive Producer: Sharon Jamilkowski
  • Cooking/Babz Writer: Sharon Jamilkowski
  • Stuffed Comedy Talent: Sharon Jamilkowski, Nick Bowan, Percy Lambert, Marissa Parness, Kenneth Monreal, Bryan Hurt.
  • The Never Ending Story VideoTim Girrbach ,Directed by Wendy Seyb, Shot/Edited/ After Effects/Magic by Hiram Becker, Sabrina: Katie Sexton, Patrina: Kelly Filios, Katrina: Jen Eden, Dieter- the Flying Saxophonist: Miguel Bolivar, Falkor: Alfie Girrbach, Manheim Tuttlingen: Tim Girrbach, Saxophone Quartet- Baritone: Rob Quinn Tenor: Mark Phillips, Alto: Dan Hutchinson, Soprano: Miguel Bolivar, Sound Engineer: Sammy Bananas, Costumes: Dave Adamick
  • The Hot Goss–  Directed by: Meghan O’Brien , Written by: Lindsey Barrow, Produced by: Lauren Bancroft, DP: Meghan O’Brien, Sound: Doug Mackay, Editor: Eric Reichert, Starring: Elizabeth Warren – Lindsey Barrow, Bernie Sanders – Steph Garcia, Paul Ryan – Maggie Mae Fish,Kamala Harris – Joanna Jones, Kellyanne Conway – Amy Albert, Betsy DeVos – Rebecca Edwards, Dick DeVos – Josh Callahan, Hillary Clinton – Tara Copeland
  • Cooking Camera: Percy Lambert and Sharon Jamilkowski
  • Ricky Writers: Nick Bowan and Sharon Jamilkowski
  • Cooking Costume Designer: Susan Ducey
  • Puppet Designer: Jan Williams 
  • I’ve Got Munchies Graphic Designer: Dallas Dodd, Sharon Jamilkowski 
  • Editor: Sharon Jamilkowski
  • Puppeteer: Percy Lambert


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I’ve Got Munchies PRESENTS “The Joy Of Arting With Diana Ross” Part 2 on MNN

Watch PART 2 of  “The Joy Of Arting With Diana Ross” presented by  I’ve Got Munchies on MNN!

Every other Monday Night on Manhattan Neighborhood Network at 11pm, “I’ve Got Munchies” airs on MNN channel 4!

How to watch I’ve Got Munchies:

1) watch on TV in Manhattan on MNN channel 67 (TW)/ 85 (RCN)/ 36 (Fios) at 11pm.

2) watch on your computer through streaming video at

3) download the show off of iTunes NOW! And watch it any time! 

4) watch it on our Youtube page

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“The Joy Of Arting with Diana Ross” Show


PBS’s painting guru, Bob Ross had a daughter, Diana (yes, Diana Ross)**. After a successful career in art and her father’s passing, Diana’s chucking it all for her true passion. Join her for a revealing retrospective of her life’s work.

This originally premiered at SOLOCOM festival in 2014 as a mini show. 

Written and Performed by Sharon Jamilkowski

Directed by Jenn Dodd


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Takes a Bite out of Pull Apart Cheesy Garlic Bread


Mary Jane has the apartment to her self and gets ready for a “Gilmore Girls” marathon by making Pull Apart Cheesy Garlic Bread.


MNN Air Dates:  7/18/2016 and 8/1/2016



  • “Greasy Wheel”
  • “Highest Victory”
  • “I Don’t Want To Wait” by Paula Cole
  • “Cooking Music” by Evan Cannon
  • “I’ve Got Munchies” by Sharon Jamilkowski,  and Jenn Dodd
  • “Timmy and Toehead Theme” by  Sharon Jamilkowski and Jenn Dodd
  • “Dip It” by Freak Nasty
  • “Timmy and Toehead background”
  • “Day Dreamer- The Sunday Morning Wake Up Song” by After Son


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Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting at PIT Loft Day 2

Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting has 3 shows at The PIT Loft (the old PIT on 29th between 6th and 7th!).
Special Guests! 2 MUCH FUNZ!
Only $7 and worth every penny!!!!

FRI Sept 25th at 7:30
with Carolyn Castiglia
Buy Tickets Here:

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Birthday Sax at Joe’s Pub

1526120_10153939876790321_599615878_nYour favorite 1980s soundtrack songs re-imagined by a German überfan and a saxophone quartet at his birthday party. Come rock out with Manheim Tuttlingen, his Frauleins, and The Garden State Saxophone Quartet as they crank out his all-time favorite hits from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Back to The Future, The Goonies, Sixteen Candles, The Neverending Story and more. Filled with lederhosen-dropping surprises, a comedic character concert created/performed by Tim Girrbach (Squirm and Germ) and directed/choreographed by Wendy Seyb (The Pee Wee Herman Show on Broadway/HBO, Murder For Two, The Toxic Avenger Musical).

“It’s a little Jersey, a little German, and a little ‘80s – yes, you read that right. It’s your favorite ‘80s hits reinterpreted.” -Metro US

“The performance left us yelping ‘Ich Liebe Dich!” – Ars Nova

Created & Performed by Tim Girrbach
Directed & Choreographed by Wendy Seyb
Musical Arrangements by The Garden State Saxophone Quartet

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“Jana & Lauren Presents” at the Magnet Theater

9951568_origJana & Lauren Presents is a monthly character showcase hosted by Jana Schmieding and Lauren Olson. Each month they host a rotating line up of badass NYC comedic actors performing new original characters. Consistently weird, wonderful, full of surprises and a lot of laughs. This show is not to be missed.

July’s show includes:
Pratima Mani
Jessica Taylor
Christian Paluck
Brigid Boyle
Joe Miles
Robert Cuthill
Monique Moses

and of course,
Jana and Lauren

$7 and cheap beer and wine!

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10 Things That Suck About Getting A New Dealer- Munchies Approved Video

Get ready for 4/20 high holiday with this highlarious video from our pals the Papaya Brothers. They perfectly capture the “pain in the ass”ness of getting a new dealer. Bravo! This video is officially MUNCHIES APPROVED!

Enjoy more Papaya Brothers Comedy here! And follow them on Twitter @PapayaBrothers!

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 3.00.01 PM
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The Sessions: With Viviana Cortez

11024598_10204068483287962_3230067336890532620_nComedic Variety + Improvised Therapy Sessions
With your counselor Viviana Cortez!

Viv in Action!

Anna Drezen (REDUCTRESS)


Devin Ritchie (UCB/ FANCYMAN)


Tim Girrbach (SQUIRM AND GERM)

Miami’s most beloved Cuban Holistic Wellness Counselor Viviana Cortez, invites you to engage in improvised therapy sessions with her clients.

CHURROS are always there and FREE for spiritual healing.
Created and Hosted by: Ali Levin
For Booking Info: [email protected]
The Sessions on Tumblr:

tickets: $5

show: 10pm


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