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Gary Busey’s One Man Hamlet (As performed by David Carl)

1941364_10152008865066160_3548875118156285092_oGary Busey’s One-Man Hamlet: As Performed by David Carl is back!

Join us for Booze, Brownies and Busey as we gear up for a brief Florida tour this March!

What is this?

Gary Busey (as performed by David Carl) does Hamlet all by himself!

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Gary Busey’s One-Hamlet (as Performed by David Carl)

1941364_10152008865066160_3548875118156285092_oWe highly recommend seeing this hilarious show from the brilliant minds of William Shakespeare and David Carl showing at the NYC Fringe Festival.

Gary Busey has decided to do William Shakespeare‘s Hamlet … by himself … in 70 minutes.

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