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10 Things That Suck About Getting A New Dealer- Munchies Approved Video

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 3.00.01 PMGet ready for 4/20 high holiday with this highlarious video from our pals the Papaya Brothers. They perfectly capture the “pain in the ass”ness of getting a new dealer. Bravo! This video is officially MUNCHIES APPROVED!

Enjoy more Papaya Brothers Comedy here!

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I’ve Got Munchies on MNN- 10th Anniversary Live Show Part 4

IGM Hempfest 2010ADWatch part 4 (of 4) of our 10th Anniversary Live Show filmed at Sketch Block NYC show at Under St.Marks theater in June with some of our favorite performers including: Jenn Dodd, Squirm and Germ, Unisex, Adam Hamway, Sharon Jamilkowski, Positive Feedback, The Talent and videos from Grape Dutches of York and I’ve Got Munchies. 

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Munchies Approved… Brendan Mcloughlin’s Micro Shorts

brendanmcloughlin BWHere’s a funny little nugget “A Walk In” from Brendan Mcloughlin. This micro short is just that, short but oh so laugh out loud funny. You may have seen his work with Papaya Brothers Comedy and on stage with Jenn Dodd.

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