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Boy Interrupted: A Tale Of Seven Billies (at Solocom at the Peoples Improv Theater)

Character comedian Kelly Fitzpatrick explores one of her funkiest characters in this live comedy show at the SOLOCOM festival at the Peoples Improv Theater.

“Billy tried to escape the looney bin and it did NOT go well. Now locked up and heavily medicated, Billy recounts the tale of his “daring” (attempted) escape and slips into his wacky alter-egos throughout to find the doc different perspectives on what really happened. All the doctor wants to do is to get into Billy’s head. All Billy wants is to get out of this room.”

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Character Kick Off for Solocom at The Peoples Improv Theater

SOLOCOM Character KickOFF FB

Solocom’s CHARACTER KICK-OFF at the Peoples Improv Theater!

Hosted by Marshall York with:
Sharon Jamilkowski
Michele Carlo
Jenifer Bloodsworth
Alyssa Lott
Catherine Cohen
Tessa Fairey

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Some of funniest friends are performing in SOLOCOM at the Peoples Improv Theater November 15th-16th including Sharon Jamilkowski, Jenn Dodd, Tim Girrbach, Kelly Fitzpatrick, David Carl, Katie Hartman and MANY MANY MORE!!!

Why should you go?

It’s NEW material from these brilliantly hilarious comedians.

Here’s the lineup:



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