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I’ve Got Munchies Presents “Buttski & Glasscock” July Show Part 1

Buttski-Glasscock-Jenn-Dodd-The-PIT-520“I’ve Got Munchies” Presents “Buttski & Glasscock’s New Talent Blow Out” filmed in July at The Peoples Improv Theater in New York City. This episode is part 1 of 2 featuring Jenn Dodd as host Erica Cane and panelist Tim Girrbach, Micah Sherman and Kelly Fitzpatrick with performances from Stephan McCarthy, Brantley Brice, Sharon Jamilkowski, Cara Kilduff, and Adam Hamway. Tech by Chris O’Neill and filmed by Percy Lambert. 


“I’ve Got Munchies” airs on MNN channel 4, every other Monday Night on Manhattan Neighborhood Network at 11pm!

How to watch I’ve Got Munchies:

1) watch on TV in Manhattan on MNN channel 67 (TW)/ 85 (RCN)/ 36 (Fios) at 11pm.

2) watch on your computer through streaming video at

3) download the show off of iTunes NOW! And watch it any time! 

4) watch it onour Youtube page

Watch Sketches from the show on YouTube and Funny Or Die

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The Uncanny Valley Presents: “Dean Cain, The Dean Cain Story” Starring Dean Cain as Dean Cain

dean cianThis is a sketch show filled with hilarious sketches from the brilliant mind of Stephen McCarthy and Alex Estrada, featuring our talented buddy Jenn Dodd and Nick Carrillo. These folks know how to push the limits of comedy to a gut splitting level. It’s a “not  miss” show!

Here’s the facebook event page for the show:

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