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LIVE SHOW- ‘Til Death Do Us Fart

After an unexpected fart, Off-Off-Off Broadway’s favorite married couple is thrown into an existential tailspin, causing them to separate and share custody of their adult son.

Written by: Katlyn Carlson & Ryan Farrell

Starring: Katlyn Carlson, Ryan Farrell & Jon Bander

Directed by: Michael Torpey

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LIVE SHOW- Journey into the Uncanny Valley at UCB

The Uncanny Valley is auditioning for a run at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre with an all-new show “Journey into the Uncanny Valley”. A twisted adventure into the depths of sketch comedy in the style of Rod Serling’s “The Twilight Zone”, complete with macabre twists, moral lessons and aliens. Directed by Frank Garcia-Hejl.

The Uncanny Valley is Alex Estrada, Stephen McCarthy, Nick Carrillo &Jenn Dodd.

We’ll be sharing the hour with Anthony Appruzesse’s “This Show Will Get a Cease and Desist”.

Advanced tickets here:

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