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Pop Tart Sandwiches


  • Pop Tarts your favorite flavor
  • Sandwich Fillers- Peanut Butter, Nutella, Fluff, Jam, Apple slices, berries


  • Heat 2 Pop Tarts in Toaster Oven or Toaster
  • Carefully remove toasted Pop Tarts from Toaster or Toaster Oven
  • Spread on un-iced side sandwich filler
  • Top with 2nd Pop Tart
  • Eat!


*Recommended Pop Tart Sandwiches*:
Strawberry Pop Tart with Peanut Butter
Cookies and Cream Pop Tart with Fluff
Brown Sugar Pop Tart with Apple Slices
Cherry Pop Tart with Nutella
Smores Pop Tart with Jam