Munchies Review- Cookie Dough Pie

After a late night munchies attack, I decided to take a stroll to my local Burger King for a Whopper Jr. with cheese. Every time, I make a trip to Burger King, they always surprise me with some new morsel of fast foodism- funnel cake sticks, chicken fries, mini blueberry biscuits and apple fries. This trip to satisfy my munchies feeling, I discovered the new item of Cookie Dough Pie. I immediately purchased the pie slice and raced home to devour.

burger king cookie dough pie

At first glance, the Cookie Dough pie looks similar to the ever famous and delicious Hershey’s Sundae Pie.  Also akin to each other in consistency and creamy taste, with one major exception… the yummy blobs of cookie dough substance found inside the pie. Don’t expect any gourmet post dinner delight, but it definitely lives up to the fast food dessert posse and it filled this munchers craving.

oreo pie
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