The Return of the Mighty McRib

The infamous McRib is a McGenius Idea! And to the happy surprise of stoners everywhere, the McRib will be back permanently on November 2nd, 2010- So get your napkins ready!

McDonalds’ McRib was first released in 1981 and was taken off the permanent menu in 1985. Since then, the McRib Sandwich, has an on again off again relationship with being on the McDonalds menu, about as frequent as the Shamrock Shake.  This tasty sandwich only appears as a special promotion varying locations all across the USA. There is even a McRib Locatoronline for those who need to McFulfill their McRib craving. This will all end November 2nd, 2010, which is coincidently Midterm elections for the nation.

I can’t decide what is more alluring about the McRib- the sweet bbq sauce it’s drenched in or the pork patty in a rib like shape. Regardless, get your Tide Pen and Tums ready, because the McRib is back!

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