Takes A Bite Out Of Pop Tart Sandwiches

Pop Tart Sandwiches

Watch Mary Jane buy a massive amount of Pop Tarts for Pop Tart Sandwiches, which she makes the sandwiches compete against each in Pop Tart Idol. Also featuring: The Joy of Painting- Music Edition,  Janice Peppermill on being single, Timmy and Toehead- Art Class, Squirm and Germ’s “We Doo Wop”, Ricky’s Top 5 Women He Wishes Were Real, Mariyln Snodgrass- Stylist for the Dead, and Papaya Brothers “BTA”

Air Dates

May 28th, 2012 and June 11th, 2012



  • “Greasy Wheel”
  • “Day Dreamer- the Sunday Morning Wake Up song” by After Son
  • “Bedazzeled Heart” by Sharon Jamilkowski
  • “We Doo Wop” by Squirm and Germ
  • “American Idol Theme”
  • “Jellyman Kelly” by James Taylor
  • “Toehead Theme” by  Sharon Jamilkowski
  • “Toehead Background” by  Jenn Dodd
  • “Cooking Theme Song” by Evan Cannon
  • “Cooking Opening Theme” by Jenn DoddSharon Jamilkowski 
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