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Takes a Bite out of Cake Batter Dip

Watch Mary Jane figure out what to do with an abundance of animal crackers with the help of her Mexican Lightbulb and make Cake Batter Dip (Dunkaroo Dip).


MNN Air Dates: 9/26/2016 and 10/10/2016



  • “Greasy Wheel”
  • “Cooking Music” by Evan Cannon
  • “I’ve Got Munchies” by Sharon Jamilkowski, and Jenn Dodd
  • “Monster” by Devon Ceasar
  • “Dip It” by Freak Nasty
  • “Don’t Stand On My Neck” by Splendora
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Takes a Bite out of Pull Apart Cheesy Garlic Bread

Mary Jane has the apartment to her self and gets ready for a “Gilmore Girls” IMG_3241marathon by making Pull Apart Cheesy Garlic Bread.


MNN Air Dates:  7/18/2016 and 8/1/2016



  • “Greasy Wheel”
  • “Highest Victory”
  • “I Don’t Want To Wait” by Paula Cole
  • “Cooking Music” by Evan Cannon
  • “I’ve Got Munchies” by Sharon Jamilkowski,  and Jenn Dodd
  • “Timmy and Toehead Theme” by  Sharon Jamilkowski and Jenn Dodd
  • “Dip It” by Freak Nasty
  • “Timmy and Toehead background”
  • “Day Dreamer- The Sunday Morning Wake Up Song” by After Son
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I’ve Got Munchies Episode: Takes a Bite out of Banana Nut Pancakes

2016-05-19 01.02.33Watch Mary Jane get ready for a date with her new boyfriend and with the help of her Mexican Lightbulb, makes Banana Nut Pancakes.


MNN Air Dates:  5/23/2016 and 6/6/2016



  • “Greasy Wheel”
  • “Bow and Arrow”
  • “Maine Mo Fo” by Squirm and Germ
  • “Cooking Music” by Evan Cannon
  • “I’ve Got Munchies” by Sharon Jamilkowski,  and Jenn Dodd
  • “Timmy and Toehead Theme” by Sharon Jamilkowski and Jenn Dodd
  • “Hero” by Enrique Iglesia
  • “Timmy and Toehead background” 
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Sketch Block NYC

SketchblockCome on down to Under St. Marks Theater for a jam packed party of sketches and comedy with some of NYC best!

April 13th, doors open at 9:00 PM!

This month Sketch Block is proud to have on stage:
The Captains of Industry
Jillian Thomas
Cool Kid Comedy
Adam Hamway
Jarret Bernstein
Sharon Jamilkowski
Calvin Cato
Dinner for 1
Harry Terjanian
Jenn Dodd
Artie Brennan
John Murdock

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I’ve Got Munchies Episode: Takes a Bite out of Candy Cane Rice Krispies Treats

I've Got Munchies Takes A Bite Out Of Candy Cane Rice Krispies TreatsWatch Mary Jane make BELATED munchies Christmas gifts, Candy Cane Rice Krispies Treats, for her friends with the help of her Mexican Lightbulb.


MNN Air Dates:  2/1/2016 and 2/15/2016



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I’ve Got Munchies: Happy Holidaze Special

While Mary Jane decks her apartment with “glittery shit” for the holidays, she shows off her favorite festive videos from her funny friends!


MNN Air Dates:  12/21/2015

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Night of the Laughing Dead at QED

Night Of the Laughing Dead QED Jenn Dodd2

Linda Buttski, America’s oldest porn star, made a deal with the devil to host the most amazing comedy line up of all time– in exchange for her mortal soul. Come celebrate Linda’s last night on earth with belly laughs and stick around for the costume contest and drink specials!

co-hosts, Linda Buttski (Jenn Dodd) & Satan (Tim Girrbach, who else?)
Amazing Amy, contortion dancer
Comedians Aparna Nancherla & Christian Finnegan
Music from The Dreamstalks, Karen Bray & Zach Miko

Stick around after the show for a costume contest WITH PRIZES and party!

Lineups subject to change.

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I’ve Got Munchies Episode: Takes a Bite out of Crunchy Nacho Style Pigs In A Blanket

To celebrate “Back To The Future” Day, Mary Jane settles in to watch the trilogy and makes Snack Necklaces and Crunchy Nacho Style Pigs In A Blanket with the help of her pals Mexican Lightbulb and Pac Man.


MNN Air Dates:  October 26th, 2015 and November 9th, 2015Takes A Bite Out Of Crunchy Nacho Style Pigs In A Blanket



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“Characters at …. (Blank)” at the Peoples Improv Theater

Characters (Blank)“Characters at…(BLANK)” is a character showcase hosted by Jamie Aderski and Jenn Dodd that brings the audience to a new and hilarious location each month. From a small town’s PTA meeting to an Inventor Convention to a Pro-Toast rally, each show is completely different as it reflects the ridiculousness that is humanity. Jamie and Jenn welcome an all-new cast of New York’s top character comedians every month, promising you a completely different show each time. Where will they be this time? You’ll have to come and see for yourself!

Our hilarious line-up this month:
Becky Krause
Ann Carr
Brantley Brice

Tickets are $10 at the door or $1 with any Student ID!

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LIVE SHOW- Journey into the Uncanny Valley at UCB

The Uncanny Valley is auditioning for a run at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre with an all-new show “Journey into the Uncanny Valley”. A twisted adventure into the depths of sketch comedy in the style of Rod Serling’s “The Twilight Zone”, complete with macabre twists, moral lessons and aliens. Directed by Frank Garcia-Hejl.

The Uncanny Valley is Alex Estrada, Stephen McCarthy, Nick Carrillo &Jenn Dodd.

We’ll be sharing the hour with Anthony Appruzesse’s “This Show Will Get a Cease and Desist”.

Advanced tickets here:

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