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Takes a Bite out of Cake Batter Dip

Watch Mary Jane figure out what to do with an abundance of animal crackers with the help of her Mexican Lightbulb and make Cake Batter Dip (Dunkaroo Dip).

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Takes A Bite Out Of Cereal Remixed

 Watch Mary Jane search for her imaginarium (a gift her imaginary friend, Carrie Jane, gave her) and she discovers a monster in her closet. She makes Cereal Remixed for her and the closet monster. Also featuring: Monster Rap Video, Drunk Girls Reenact “Waterfalls” , Eunice’s Vino Brewery, Tina’s Toolbox “Toolbelts” , and  Timmy & Toehead “New Toys” .

Air Dates

12/13/2010, 12/27/2010



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Happy Halloween- Enjoy this Monster Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween! Enjoy this new video “Monster” featuring Manifest, Ian Fishman, Jenn Dodd, Sharon Jamilkowski, Marissa Parness and Annie Solstad.

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Takes A Bite Out Of Grilled PB&J Sandwich

 Watch Mary Jane look for a job after the encouragement of her imaginary friend Carrie Jane and make some grilled Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, featuring: 80s Hips, Pillow Man, Joe’s Pizza Parlor, Delilah Radio Show, Timmy and Toehead , and Drunk Girls Reenact A Music Video- “As Long As You Love Me” by Backstreet Boys.

Air Date

October 4th, 2010


Executive Producer: Sharon Jamilkowski

Producer: Jenn Dodd

Head Writers: Sharon Jamilkowski and Jenn Dodd

Writers:  Evan Cannon and Annie Solstad

Director: Jenn Dodd and Sharon Jamilkowski

Camera: Percy Lambert, Sharon Jamilkowski, Jenn Dodd and Justin Van Stavern

Puppeteer: Percy Lambert

Puppet Maker: Jan Williams Dodd

Costume Maker: Susan Ducey

Stuffed Comedy Talent: Sharon Jamilkowski, Jenn Dodd,  Percy Lambert 

Featuring: Annie Solstad, Jenn Bartels, Gregory Quinn, and Renaldy Smith

Ice Box Musicians: Ellis and Park






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