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Munchies Approved- Holiday Socks from Sock Monster

I’ve been to Seattle on several trips to visit family and have always made a pit stop to stock up on awesome socks at The Sock Monster store in Wallingford, WA. A cute little store no bigger than a studio apartment in NYC, The Sock Monster is filled to the brim with a wide variety of socks for ANY type of person. Recently, I went online to look for fun socks as gifts for friends, I discovered that The Sock Monster has an all new ONLINE SHOP!

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Messy Eaters T-Shirt

Attention all messy eaters, I have found a shirt that will celebrate our disorderly eating habits. I have extremely horrible time trying to get food into my mouth and loathe the laundry process of ridding myself of the evidence left on my clothes. This shirt is the answer to messy eating habit prayers!

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All New Logo Gear- Shirts, Bags, Hats and More.

Always wanted a cool I’ve Got Munchies, with our new logo- a smoking apple? Well now it’s here at Cafepress, we now have T-shirts, hoodies, bags, duffles, water bottles, mugs, dog t-shirt, bowls and much much more! Check it out!

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