I’ve Got Munchies Episode: Takes A Bite Out Of Donut Fruit Kabobs

Donut Fruit Kabobs

Mary Jane loses her wallet AGAIN and enlist the help of her pet Pac-man and GE Fridgemaster 3000. On a break from looking she makes Donut Fruit kabobs with Master Chopsy keeping her focused. Also featuring: Firecracker Duo’s- “White People Problems #34”, Ricky’s Top 5 Reason Summer 2013 Will Rock, The Weaver, Squirm and Germ’s- “Kids Party!” and Nunba with Sister Clare!

MNN Air Dates

June 24th, 2013 and July 8th, 2013




  • “Greasy Wheel”
  • “Cooking Theme Song” by Evan Cannon
  • “Red Velvet”
  • “Fireside”
  • “Sadeness” by Enigma
  • “Pac Man Theme Song”
  • “Burp Anthem”
  • “Cooking Opening Theme” by Jenn DoddSharon Jamilkowski 
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