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SpaghettiOs Pizza

Cooking SpaghettiOs Pizza from I've Got Munchies on Vimeo.

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Pizza Fries


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Munchies Approved… Kid’s Party!

Comedic Rappers Squirm and Germ have done it again! Their newest video “Kid’s Party!” is by far a funny morsel of a music video released for Youube’s Comedy Week! I’ve already watched this video 5 times today and I will definitely be running around singing the chorus “Soda, Nachos,

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In Search of the Perfect Pizza

If you’re willing to go beyond the easy snack and labor away at the microwave, frozen pizzas can make for some of the best munchies around.  Still, who hasn’t sat in the frozen food section for 30 minutes with a blank look on their face,

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Midnight Munchies- $1 Slice Pizza in the Village

 For those in New York City, for either vacation or you live here, I recently found a delicious and cost friendly pizza joint on St.Marks Place (between 3rd and 2nd Ave). 2 Bros. Pizza is a delicious $1 a slice pizza. If you are pinching pennies,

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Mary-Kate and Ashley have the munchies

P-I-Z-Z-A, I want pizza!

[Lunchtime Quickie: Friday Is Pizza Day]

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