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Nutella Cereal Toast

Nutella Cereal Toast

Easy snack to whip up with 3 ingredients!
Prep Time 3 mins
Total Time 3 mins


  • Bread one piece of bread per serving
  • Nutella
  • Peanut Butter Cereal


  • TOAST one piece of bread per serving
  • SPREAD Nutella on top of toasted bread
  • TOP with small handful of cereal
  • EAT



Feel free to use your favorite cereal in substitution for Peanut Butter Cereal. Highly recommended Lucky Charms, Cookie Crisp and Cheerios.

I’ve Got Munchies- Cooking Nutella Cereal Toast from I’ve Got Munchies on Vimeo.

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Delicious Air Fresheners

Mac And Cheese Air FreshenerI’m a fan of smells that make me go “Yum”, so when I came across the zany odd ball store Archie McPhee‘s assortment of hunger inducing air fresheners I was instantly intrigued. Hanging on the rear view mirror style air fresheners include: cupcake, bacon, mac & cheese, cherry pie, fresh popcorn and even toast scents make any stoner get the munchies. Forget the pine scented and give me a mac & cheese freshener any day. 

Check out these air fresheners and more at the silly store Archie McPhee. Store located in Seattle or online!

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