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Delicious Air Fresheners

Mac And Cheese Air FreshenerI’m a fan of smells that make me go “Yum”, so when I came across the zany odd ball store Archie McPhee‘s assortment of hunger inducing air fresheners I was instantly intrigued. Hanging on the rear view mirror style air fresheners include: cupcake, bacon, mac & cheese, cherry pie, fresh popcorn and even toast scents make any stoner get the munchies. Forget the pine scented and give me a mac & cheese freshener any day.¬†

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Dirty Girl Scout Cupcake

While roaming the interwebz for a new and interesting take on cupcakes, I came across this interesting recipe for a Dirty Girl Scout (which is a shot with Vodka, Kahlua, Creme de Menthe and Irish Cream). This great recipe teaches you the proper way to get that slightly intoxicating dessert rush. What’s better than mixing booze and sweets? Nothing!

Check it Out at !

Also available an Irish Car Bomb cupcake from Smitten Kitten.


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Baked Inside A Cake!

Ever have the curiosity to bake something inside a cupcake and see how it turns out? Well, recently on a Munchies binge, I came across the neat blog called Bake It In A Cake! The blogger, Megan Seling, started it all by baking Cadbury Eggs into a batch of cupcakes. From there it grew into fillings like baklava to Pop Tarts, and it doesn’t end there. Plus, there is a recipe for each creation if the idea tickles¬†your fancy! Megan definitely gets the munchies seal of approval, for doing what we only wish we had time to do! Way to Munch!

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