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Hot Apple Cider Toddy

Great in cold weather!
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I’ve Got DRUNKIES- Holidays with Boozed and Infused

Happy Holidays to us means hard core drinking with your loved ones. As one that likes to create, we enjoy new creative ways of imbibing the booze stuff, so that’s why we loudly applaud the blog BOOZED and INFUSED. The two ladies of BOOZED and INFUSED create new alcohol fusions, yummy mixed cocktails and more! We highly recommend this blog and give it the I’ve Got DRUNKIES seal of approval. Great gift idea? Heck yeah, home made infused booze can’t be wrong!

Check Out Boozed and Infused at!

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Drunken Dirt Dessert

Great in cold weather!
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Dirty Girl Scout Cupcake

While roaming the interwebz for a new and interesting take on cupcakes, I came across this interesting recipe for a Dirty Girl Scout (which is a shot with Vodka, Kahlua, Creme de Menthe and Irish Cream). This great recipe teaches you the proper way to get that slightly intoxicating dessert rush. What’s better than mixing booze and sweets? Nothing!

Check it Out at !

Also available an Irish Car Bomb cupcake from Smitten Kitten.


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Adult Chocolate Milk

A friend of mine asked me if I’d ever heard of Adult Chocolate Milk… my response was a shocked “No!”. Always a fan of chocolate milk, this has the lure of alcohol inside a delicious glass of chocolate milk. At 40 proof, this chocolate milk means business. A childhood flashback with an adult spin… I’m in!

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