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I’ve Got DRUNKies! Prep for St.Patty’s Day!

Here at I’ve Got Munchies, we don’t discriminate on how you get wasted weather it’s via herbal pleasures or through the delights of drinking. We understand it’s your own perogative. We often like to get together for a friendly round(s) of cocktails. Here are some of our favorite ways to imbibe that alcohol:

1) Jello Shots- We love the blog My Jello Americans for creative jello shots

2) Punch in Rum Special- We take a clean syringe and fill up a juice box or capri sun with our favorite rum- very portable!

3) Ice Pop with an extra pop!- Taken from the clever Gizmodo Happy Hour Special with the Drunken Boy Scout. Check it out!

4) Gummy Bears with a splash of alcohol- Soak your gummy bears over night with your favorite alcohol

5) Adult Milkshakes- add an extra shot or 5 to your favorite milkshake (Khalua, Baileys and Amarreto work the best)

6) Pickle Backs- All the rage in Brooklyn- it’s a shot of Jameson (or Whiskey) and a shot of pickle juice taken back to back 

7) Spiked Watermelon- soak chunks of watermelon in vodka for a boozy snack

8) Boozed up Coffee or Hot Chocolate- Add a shot of Baileys or Khalua to your warm beverage for that extra needed warm me up boost!

Make St.Patty’s Day extra special with a few bizarre drinking tactics! It’s important to get the drunkies!

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Hangover Cures

Everyone has their secrets for fighting a hangover. Here is a compilation of my favorites!

Hair of the Dog that bit you– ie. drinking more to get right back to your drunken stouper (only a temporary solution).

Coffee– the idea is that coffee will kick start the metabolism needed to digest that alcohol.

Pain Killers– hard on your liver and a bad mix with alcohol

Water– I once had a friend who swore that chugging 4 glasses of water before bed worked…. tried it once, and ended up vomiting up 4 glasses of water. Water is definitely better when being drank through out the night of drinking, not just at the end.

Greasy Food– This is my choice of cures. I always go for pizza or bacon/egg/cheese sandwich. A Good breakfast always gets my body moving.

Pickled Herring– Hey Germans call this cure a must!

Green Tea– anti-oxidents from the Chinese!

Sour Pickle Juice– Polish people love this cure.

Pickled Plums– Japan likes this one.

Shower– Seriously, if you wash the booze smell radiating from your body, might just help that pain.

Rubbing Lemon In Your Armpits (before they start drinking)- Apparently lemons fight off dehydration. Not sure how that all works out though.

Pre-Drinking Pills– These claim that if you pop them before you drink, they do the work to prevent a hangover… found at your local deli or bodega.

Pot– Well, you know how we feel about that. Brings back your appetite and helps a headache, enough said.

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Beer or Liquor?

The holiday season is here, along with a parade of various parties including one you may throw. The age old question that plagues drinkers especially during the holidays, beer or liquor? Well, for those who don’t have space for a shot glass and pint glasses, here is the perfection solution! It’s a glass that consolidates the pint and shot glass problem down. No excuse now for doing shots out of over-sized glasses, plus you’ll have more room for pesky wine glasses! So shots and beers for all this season’s cheer!

These glasses and more can be found at!

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