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Snack Attack- Sprite Gummy Bear Pops

I pinned this yummy snack back in January when temps plunged below zero. Now, in preparation for the summer, I made this awesomely delicious snack and had to share!

Sprite Gummy Bear Pops


  • Sprite
  • Gummy Bears
  • Vodka optional for the over 21

  • In popsicle maker container,

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I’ve Got DRUNKies! Prep for St.Patty’s Day!

Here at I’ve Got Munchies, we don’t discriminate on how you get wasted weather it’s via herbal pleasures or through the delights of drinking. We understand it’s your own perogative. We often like to get together for a friendly round(s) of cocktails. Here are some of our favorite ways to imbibe that alcohol:

1) Jello Shots- We love the blog 

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