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Snack Necklaces

A fun way to eat your favorite snacks, especially during marathon Netflix sessions!
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Happy National Doughnut Day!

Mary Jane, our stoned host, wanted everyone to know that she LOVES doughnuts and hopes everyone has a great National Doughnut Day! Eat a doughnut, or two, or three…. or even a dozen!

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Munchies Gift Guide

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As a Munchateer, I love giving gifts of the edible variety. Everyone gets hungry, so why not give food? Here a few things for those who get the munchies too!

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ampm: Dough Ray Moo

ampm Dough Ray Moo

Essentially a double cheesburger in a sliced donut. This is an item on their “secret menu” (find out more on their Facebook page). I think the Glazed & Amazed sounds better: sausage, egg and cheese in a donut-bun.

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